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This site has been created mainly to provide free access to my translations of primary historical source material from Russian into English. Most of these translations have been produced for various university courses in Russian and Soviet history I have taught since 1995; some were produced in the course of research work or for other purposes. They particularly reflect my own academic interests in the Russian revolution, non-Bolshevik socialism, Soviet economic development, and the history of healthcare services. Many documents on this site were first prepared for a university website on Soviet history. Others were produced during a research project on the history of zemstvo medicine in Russia, and for a collection of documents on the Socialist-Revolutionary Party published by the Socialist History Society.

I hope these documents will prove useful to students, lecturers and researchers alike. Please feel free to use them, quote them, or even republish them on other sites or in print. My only stipulations are that this site should be named as the source and I should be named as the translator, that no restrictions should be placed on others making use of this material, and that no charges should be made to access it.

If you have any queries about the documents you may contact me using the link in the header. From time to time I undertake contract translation work on a commercial basis - please feel free to contact me for further details.

Francis King